London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 YOTEL Review

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 YOTEL Review

The YOTEL is a small hotel within Heathrow airport, located on the first floor of terminal four. They also have similar facilities at Gatwick and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The hotel is often described on the Internet as a “pod hotel” in the fashion of several Japanese establishments, which offer tiny accommodations in their space-starved cities.

The YOTEL its self describes the accommodations as “cabins” which is a far more apt description of the hotel rooms available. The interior of the hotel very much resembles below decks on a cruise ship. Narrow corridors in white plastic-like materials are very reminiscent of many cruise liners.

Each room has a large window looking out onto the corridor with no external windows, these windows can be completely covered by an effective pull-down shade, in fact with the lights out the room is almost completely black.

There is a ship’s cabin type bunk for the single rooms and a more conventional bed for double rooms. Each accommodation as a small TV with approximately 20 channels, with more available for an additional payment. There is also an integral bathroom with a very effective shower system.

Basic towels and blankets are supplied; there is also free WiFi connectivity. The hotel does not offer a wake-up call but will supply an alarm clock free of charge. There is a very basic food and drink menu, but in the case of the Heathrow unit there is a Wetherspoons outlet offering English style pub meals at the front of the hotel main entrance.

Soundproofing seems extremely effective as no external noise, including aircraft, penetrates into the rooms.

Accommodation is not strictly “overnight” in the traditional hotel sense, in that accommodations can be booked from four hours upwards, a double room for four hours in the afternoon shows on their website at £79.

An overnight 12 hour stay in a single room from 8 PM until 8 AM is £58, although all of these rates seem extremely flexible, presumably depending on their occupancy levels and busy or quiet periods, they do not accept any cash payments, only cards.

Cleaning staff seem to be working continuously and the rooms and public areas are extremely clean and tidy. Reception staff are friendly and helpful, although basically very little in the way of regular hotel services are offered.

The overnight price seems attractive when compared to the chain hotels operating very close to the terminals. To find a similar price range travellers would need to select hotels several kilometres from the airport.

Overall as long as visitors do not have an overbearing tendency towards claustrophobia, the YOTEL is a viable and relatively cheap solution for airport accommodation.