Inverness Airport

Located close to Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, this is an airport that is not quite the household name of other UK airports, but it is growing in importance. Inverness Airport is actually the primary gateway to the rugged north of Scotland for most travellers, with a broad range of services throughout the United Kingdom and especially Ireland. It also offers limited freight and charter flights into other parts of Europe. In 2008, nearly 680,000 passengers went through Inverness on their way to enjoy the beauty of the Highlands.

Inverness Airport is currently owned by HIAL, the Highlands and Islands Airports Limited. HIAL also owns the majority of regional airports in mainland Scotland and the nearby islands. Originally used by the RAF in World War II, Inverness first opened for civilian operations after the end of the war, in 1947.

Currently, the largest carrier operating at Inverness if Flybe, which operates a London-Gatwick service three times a day.  Flybe also operates some routes to Jersey, Southampton and Manchester, as well as a Bombardier Q400 to Birmingham and Belfast from out of Inverness.

Inverness Airport serves as a hub within the Highlands and the Islands Network, and as such, flights between the central belt and the islands connect there.  Although they had operated for years, there are no longer direct services to Glasgow from Inverness; these were all withdrawn by Logannair.  However, there is a link to Edinburgh which runs twice a day.

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