Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is an international airport which serves Glasgow, Scotland. It’s one mile northeast of Prestwick in South Ayrshire, it is also known simply as Prestwick Airport. Prestwick has seen significant growth especially during the past decade. Indeed, more than 2.4 million passengers travelled through it during 2008.  A large part of this growth is due to the rise in popularity of no-frills airlines, which operate through Prestwick, especially a large number of Ryannair flights.

Prestwick operates the largest commercial airfield in Scotland, even though it is only fourth in terms of the number of annual passengers (with Edinburgh, Glasgow International and Aberdeen beating it out for the top three spots).

One of the notable facts about Prestwick is that it’s often cited as the only piece of UK territory on which Elvis Presley ever walked. This took place in 1960 when a U.S. Army transport plane with him on board stopped there to refuel.  Today, there is a lounge that bears his name to commemorate the event.

Today Prestwick continues to serve as spot for military aircraft to refuel, in addition to its normal no-frills commercial business.  Another significant part of the Prestwick business is cargo traffic, with most of Scotland’s Boeing freighter traffic moving through the airport.

Currently, Prestwick is owned by Infatril, a private investment company based in New Zealand and which also owns Kent International Airport and New Zealand’s Wellington International Airport.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport Practical Information

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