Exeter International Airport

Exeter International Airport is a major travel port for the South of England, more specifically the county of Devon.  The airport is near the city of Exeter, and found within the District of East Devon.

Only now is Exeter beginning to come into its own, surpassing a million passengers for the first time in 2007 although this number dropped a little, to 956,000 in 2008.  Flights offered by the airport include both holiday charter and scheduled flights within the UK, and all of Europe, as well as Canada

Exeter originated as a grass field devoted to club flying in the early 1930s. It officially opened as Exeter Airport not long after, in July 1938, the new facilities costing the princely sum of £20,000.

Today, most of the airport’s flights are operated by budget airline Flybe which is based at Exeter. Exeter has a licence which allows flights for either flight instruction or for public transportation of passengers.

One of the major enterprises at Exeter are holiday charter airlines; Thomson Airways has a permanent base at the airport, which it has had since 2007. In addition, Air Transat runs scheduled Trans Atlantic flights to Toronto one time a week in the summer.  And First Choice has a permanent base at the airport.


Exeter International Airport Practical Information

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