Doncaster Robin Hood Airport

Robin Hood Airport, located in Doncaster is helping revolutionize the UK by becoming more green. The UK’s newest built airport, flies over a million passengers per year and was built with the intention of being more environmentally considerate.

One of the airport’s green strategies include an enforced waste management program.

The airport has partnered with the Doncaster Community Recycling Partnership [ DCRP] to collect all recyclable products such as white paper, aluminium, plastic and glass.  DCRP collects recyclable materials weekly from residential areas and are then sold to recycling manufacturers.

Another green aspect to the airport is their monitored water system. Robin Hood Airport keeps close watch on all “runoff water flows” by drilling 9 exploratory holes called “boreholes” on the air field.

Doncaster is also the first airport to offer passengers an opportunity for donations to offset carbon emissions from their flight.  Donations for these emissions go to planting trees in the local South Yorkshire Forest.

While Doncaster Sheffield Airport currently flies to over 40 destinations across the globe, the airport has a projected “Draft Master Plan,” for which they hope to accomplish by 2030. Some their future goals include expanding the number of jobs available, creating new routes and proposed housing near the airport.


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