Bristol International Airport

Bristol International Airport is located inNorthern Somerset, serving the city of Bristol as well as all of the surrounding West of England area and South Wales.  It carried 6.3 million passengers in 2008, making it the nation’s ninth busiest airport.

Bristol International’s history goes back to 1927 when several area businessmen raised more than £6,000 through public donations for starting a flying club, to be headquartered at Filton Aerodrome.  The club was an early success, and to make way for expansion, they used a farm near Bristol for an airport.  In 1930 Bristol Airport was opened, the third of its kind in the UK.  The number of passengers in 1930 was 935; by 1939, this had grown to 4,000.

The airport went through many name changes over the years, and in March 1997, became Bristol International Airport.  Then in 2001, Bristol International was bought by Cintra and Macquarie Bank for £198m.  For the first time in 2002, passenger numbers surpassed three million.  Since then, the airport has continued with new expansion projects.

There are current plans to continue expanding the airport, with the current plans anticipated to bring in 4,000 new jobs.  These expansion plans include plans for extending the terminal building located at Bristol as well as to introduce more parking space.

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