Birmingham International Airport

Although not quite the household name that London Heathrow is, Birmingham International Airport has, over the years, become a major, thriving airport and hub of travel in the middle of the UK.  Located 5.5 miles southeast of the Birmingham city centre, Birmingham International is the UK’s sixth busiest airport; it’s the second busiest of those which don’t serve London, with only Manchester beating it.

Birmingham International Airport was opened on July 8, 1939 in Elmdon and at the time was owned by Birmingham’s City Council.  During the Second World War, the Air Ministry requisitioned it; about the same time, the RAF also used it for military purposes.

Right after the war, several public events started taking place at the airport including air races, air fairs, and similar events.  Once again in 1960, the City of Birmingham assumed control over the airport and built an extra terminal building in 1961.  They also extended the main runway to 7,400 feet in mid 1967, primarily for jet operations.

In 2008, Birmingham International Airport carried a record number of passengers, just over 9.6 million; this was up from the previous record of 9.2 million in 2007.  This was the biggest increase in number of passengers of all UK airports for 2008.

The airport leadership began work in 2008 on a new “International Pier”.  This new pier as planned will have three storeys and be 24 metres wide and 240 metres long.  The top level will be for departing passengers, while the middle level will be for arriving passengers. The ground floor will be used for offices.

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