What Foods Can you Bring Back from Abroad?


Do you know what you’re allowed to bring back with you from abroad?

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Chat date: Monday 19th October

Chat time: 3:00pm

When we’re in an exotic location, it can be fun to scour interesting markets and unusual shops for unique gourmet items that could transform your dinner at home, or make a fantastic and unusual gift for a friend.

In reality bringing illegal foods into the UK from outside of the EU, such as meat or dairy products, can increase the risk of diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease and Bird Flu entering the UK – putting people, animals and agriculture at risk. However many Brits are completely unaware that restrictions exist on food items.

Every year Border Force Officers seize and destroy an estimated 85 tonnes of food from long-haul holidaymakers, many of whom are confused about the differences in the personal import rules from outside and inside the European Union (EU). Food products seized include meat and dairy products, fish including shellfish, and honey.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is urging British holidaymakers jetting beyond the EU this half-term to think twice about the food items they bring back to the UK. The ‘Don’t bring it back campaign!’ is asking people to check the rules online before they go to avoid breaking the law and facing the embarrassment of having bags searched on the return to the UK.

Log onto our live and interactive WebTV show to find out exactly what you can and can’t bring back from countries outside of the EU. On hand to answer your questions will be travel expert Simon Calder and Chris Pratt, a UK Border Force officer.

Simon Calder and Chris Pratt join us live online at http://www.webchats.tv/chat/holidaymakers_advised_dont_bring_it_back on Monday 19th October at 3:00pm to discuss restrictions on personal food imports

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For more information visit www.direct.gov.uk/dontbringmeback