Avoiding Airport Fees

Avoiding Airport Fees

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH.com), the long stay airport parking specialist, is helping savvy travellers know what to expect and to avoid unnecessary costs this summer by highlighting charges at airports.

Travellers can log onto www.aph.com/news/uk_airport_charges.htm to find a table which compares 20 of the UK’s largest airports highlighting drop-off fees outside the terminal, charges for baggage trolleys, costs for security bags and fast track security.

Some airports such as London Luton are now charging drivers £1 for a 10 minute slot to drop passengers in front of the terminal. This is aimed at reducing terminal congestion and deterring the environmentally unfriendly practice known as “kiss and fly”.  Other airports such as Birmingham Airport and Newcastle are also charging a £1drop-off charge but for 15 minutes.

Some airports are also charging to use baggage trolleys with London Luton, Birmingham and Bristol airports all charging a non-refundable £1.

Perhaps the easiest charge to avoid is clear plastic bags needed to take liquids through security, with six airports charging £1 for up to four bags. Fast Track Systems have also been introduced at airports such as Bristol, Liverpool and Luton from £3 per person which can be helpful if you’re in a rush.