Airport Transport Services

Being able to fly between countries, to cross the globe in no more than a day, to be only a couple of hours away from the rest of Europe or 40 minutes away from London when you’re in Edinburgh is no doubt one of the most incredible technological developments of the last century. However, many people find that flying can be a very stressful way to travel. Not only are there all manner of connections and possible delays to factor into your journey, there are also baggage restrictions and security measures to take into account. If you fall into this category of stressed out flyers, here are a few services you might like to look into before your next journey.

If it is the connections between airports and train stations or bus stations that you find the most difficult and you are unwilling to fork out for a hefty taxi fare, you might like to look into using a low cost airport transfer service, such as easyBus. They connect many train and bus stations to Luton, Stansted and Gatwick airports in London and run at popular times throughout the day and night. You can book an easyBus ticket online, and usually the connection shouldn’t cost more than a few quid, taking the financial sting out as well. For example, you can book a one way transfer to Gatwick airport from as little as £2 when you book well in advance online.

If it is the expense involved in flying that you find the most stressful, why not start using a website such as Sky Scanner? This website allows you to search across a vast range of airlines and will show you, using a nifty bar chart, when the cheapest flights are to your chosen area within a whole month. This means that if you are able to be flexible with your travel dates, you should be able to tailor your holiday around these budget journeys.

If it is the potential delays and ever worrying security risks that is the biggest cause of stress for you, try to reassure yourself by checking out the Foreign Office website and the websites for the airports involved in your journey the day before your departure. The FO site should be able to inform you of any current risks and advise against travel if they deem it unsafe. The airport websites will have full details of weather conditions and flight delays, so you ought to be able to find out in advance if your flight is likely to encounter any hold ups.