Summer holidays for single parents

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Taking your children on holiday as a single parent can be a daunting challenge if you have never done it before as you are trying to find the happy balance between your kids having a great time and not missing their absent parent too much, and managing to enjoy yourself at the same time. Thankfully, there are many companies now to cater for single parent holidays so you will no longer feel like the odd one out when surrounded by nuclear families.

The destination options are also a whole lot better than they used to be and fun, inclusive holidays to more exciting destinations are increasing in popularity all the time. Summer family holidays for the single parent can now consist of adventures in small groups in exotic locations such as Egypt or Morocco, where the kids get the chance to experience new cultures first hand and make new friends as well.

Specialist companies will be able to match up the ages of your children to the range of activities available, which is a godsend if you have children of different ages with different abilities and interests. Taking them on holiday is not the equivalent of waving a magic wand where everyone suddenly gets on and stops arguing, so finding something with both mass appeal and giving them the chance to mix with others the same age makes life so much easier.

Teens are hard to keep happy at the best of times and even if you have a great relationship with your teenager taking them away from their friends and comfort zone for a week or two can make for a very unpleasant time for all. If you gave them the option of lying by a pool or on a beach, or trying out new activities such as climbing, kayaking, abseiling, trekking or going on a camel safari chances are they would choose the latter.

If you are the absent parent taking your kids away, trying new things together and having a laugh is a great way of bonding as try as you might you will not see them as much as you want to back at home. Learning new skills together and having fun while doing it gives you both lots to talk about and you can compare notes back at your accommodation and have some playful banter over who was the best.

While the aforementioned activities are clearly out of bounds for younger children, adventure holiday firms make sure that they are occupied too, without the danger element. They will often have the chance to do group activities with the kids there who are the same age, giving parents and older kids a chance to mingle and spend time with each other, a win-win situation for everyone.

By remembering a few key rules to taking the kids away as a single parent; such as asking them what kind of things they want to do and don’t just presume you know already, you will be able to have a great time together and create some very happy memories.


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