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2If you are looking at taking a caravan holiday in the UK then one of the first places you will probably consider is Cornwall, and who can blame you? With the best climate that England has to offer coupled with miles of glorious beaches and picture postcard villages peppered throughout the county, it is little wonder that this area is one of the premier holiday hotspots in Britain.

The problem many wannabe visitors have, however, is the time it takes for that long drive south, particularly with children. Keeping little ones amused is difficult at the best of times but when they are in the back of the car with nothing more to look at than miles of motorway you will frequently be bombarded with the dreaded “are we there yet?” and numerous requests for toilet breaks.

The easiest way of getting to Cornwall for your holiday if you live out of South West England is to fly to Newquay airport. Flybe offer flights from most UK regional airports to Newquay on a weekly basis, and this not only knocks hours off your travelling time it is also a lot less hassle. For example, if you live in Newcastle it will take at least 7 hours without making any stops, whereas a flight between the two takes a mere 90 minutes.

When you compare the price of the tickets against the fuel costs there very little difference and when you think of the time and stress that is saved it is something of a no-brainer. This method of travelling to Cornwall is often overlooked as visitors often simply don’t realise that they can fly there for their local airport.

As Newquay is also one of the premier resorts with stacks of caravan parks within the immediate vicinity, you can fly there and be at your park within no time, and when you think how far down the motorway you would have got in that time then there really is no comparison. Top companies such as John Warner have quality caravan parks in the area which have absolutely everything you need for the perfect holiday.

Spacious modern caravans including colour televisions, microwave ovens and free linen are the order of the day at these parks, as well as every kind of facility and amenity you can think of including swimming pools, often indoors, sports such as tennis and football, evening entertainment, a choice of eating options and a few luxuries for parents such as saunas.

So you now know that if you live in the far north of England, or even Scotland, Cornwall is now within easy reach and you can visit this county that has so much going for it in terms of what you need for great holidays. The regular flights have made Cornwall accessible to everyone, and you can now get up in the morning, if you live in Edinburgh for example, and be in your caravan by lunchtime, it doesn’t get much better than that.


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