What you must really know when spending a weekend in Dublin

Dublin is such a beautiful and picturesque place to visit and while it would be grand to have a whole month to go around, some of us just don’t have the time. However, it is possible to enjoy Dublin even if it’s just for the weekend, and in fact, a lot of people have and still do spend their weekends in one of the superb hotels in Dublin just to get away from work and the stress of life. Yes, it is quite possible to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Dublin, even if it is just for a couple of days.

Dublin City Tour

It’s best to try the City tour at the start of your trip, the Dublin bus City tour takes you to the famous Dublin landmarks in a short period of time which include 21 stops which start at 9:30 am and end at 5 o’clock. Tours of the whole city usually take about an hour and fifteen minutes tops, plus the busses themselves are hop off hop on.

This means that you can walk around a certain stop and then just join the next passing bus, which come along every 15 minutes, and continue the rest of your tour. Another bonus about joining the tour is that they offer a booklet, which gives discounts and free admissions for a lot of landmarks. If bus tours are not your forte, then the walking tour would be best, no pre booking required and all for twelve Euros. The tour guide will start the tour by taking you to the Trinity College grounds, then on to the castle and the rest of the historic Dublin landmarks.

Dublin Pub Hopping

A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t visit at least a bunch of pubs in the area, this is all made easier by going straight to the Temple Bar, where pubs and distillery’s and restaurants are lined up. Most recommended pubs would be “The Temple Bar Pub” “Oliver St John Gogarty”  “The Porter House” and “The Old Jamesons”.

It is almost compulsory that tourists have to take a look around the world renowned Guinness Storehouse found in St James Gate. For just 14 Euros, each person will be given a great tour and a pint of Guinness up on the rooftop in what is called the Gravity Bar. The bar is not only famous for their Guinness and bar food but also for the beautiful and picturesque views it gives of Dublin.

Dublin Shopping

A trip anywhere wouldn’t be complete if there was no shopping involved and luckily, Dublin can offer not just one, but three prized shopping areas. You have the main shopping area in Grafton Street where everybody goes to, but also the Dunnes found in the shopping center of Stephen’s Green. You also have Penny’s at O’Connells Street where great buys and bargains are surely awaiting.

Dublin Taxis

Though it’s strange mentioning a taxi during a trip but most people actually remember Dublin for this perk. It’s said that the Dublin taxi rides are quite memorable due to the drivers who are not only very friendly but also very funny as well, there’s a saying that goes, you’ll never ever meet a sour old grumpy cab driver in Dublin.