UK Holiday Parks

UK holiday parks are back in fashion

For many different reasons, holidaying in the UK hasn’t been as popular as it is today for decades. For a long time British holidays weren’t even considered as they were thought to be more expensive than going abroad, and then there was also the weather factor to consider.

The simple fact is that more and more of us have, finally, discovered that there is much to be said about taking a family holiday in the British Isles, and it is no longer the expensive option at all. With the cost of flights rising constantly, and the euro not offering the value for money it did a few years ago, it is little wonder that we are choosing to stay at home.

When it comes to booking a family holiday there are two major decisions to be made; location and accommodation. Most people have a vague idea of where they want to stay, maybe somewhere they have been before or somewhere they have always fancied visiting, but accommodation is the tricky one. Put all your preconceptions about caravan holidays to one side and check out the amazing choice of  holiday parks that now exist.

From the far north of Scotland to the most southerly tip of Cornwall, the UK is peppered with holiday parks, all professionally run by leading companies who are experts in providing top quality holidays. The accommodation is spacious, modern and has everything you could possibly want, while the range of activities on the parks ensures that visitors of any age have something to do from morning to night.

There is nothing bad you can say about today’s modern holiday parks, and they offer everything you could ever want when it comes to a family holiday in the UK.  Adventure playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, kids  clubs, fitness clubs for the adults, evening entertainment featuring top acts, numerous places to eat and drink and all either located by the sea or nestling in lush countryside.

Visitors to holiday parks tend to fall into two categories; those who fully embrace the park and barely leave it for the duration of their stay and those who use it as a base to explore the surrounding areas. This is all very much up to personal choice of course, and whatever suits you best makes for the most memorable holidays, so whether you choose to stay or to come and go, you will still have a great time.

Take a look at what today’s holiday parks have to offer and see for yourself how they can turn a great holiday into a fantastic one. Whether you travel by car, train, coach or even plane, there is a holiday park that suits your needs in the perfect location, guaranteed. Take time this year to have a look around the various parks and what each has to offer, match the park with the area you want to visit and within a few clicks you will have your perfect holiday, one that ticks every single box.