Turkey’s Beautiful Beaches

Turkey holidays are most often focused on the coastline and its wonderful selection of beaches, each of which offer spectacular views and at times even sport historical sites such as ancient ruins and other similar ancient sites.

Located between the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea there is plenty of shoreline (almost 1600km of beaches) which aides in spreading out tourists along the beaches making it an un-spoilt, crowd-free, friendly option to plan a Turkey holiday.

If you are thinking about Turkey holidays that include trips to the beaches, there are a few useful tips such as the fact that the sand is usually extremely hot and full of pebbles so swimming shoes may make the trip a bit more enjoyable.

Traditionally, the best time to plan a Turkey holiday is from May until October because the water is on the warmer side and the weather is overall hotter.  There is no shelter on most of the beaches, but there is plenty of sunshine and the prices are pretty reasonable for the most part.  Additionally, in most areas tanning topless is acceptable.

The area along the Mediterranean shoreline is referred to as the Turquoise Coast and is sprinkled with fine sandy beaches that offer the picturesque ruins of many classical cities.  Most people who head out on a Turkey holiday generally visit this side of because it boasts the most resorts and beaches, with a sea water that is saltier and warmer than that found along the Black Sea coast.  Also adding to the beauty of the Turquoise Coast is the fact that it is framed by the Taurus Mountains which makes for a dramatic fertile background.

For a non-tropical beach, Patara Beach is one of the best in the world with its 14km long making it the longest beach along the Mediterranean. It is also child friendly and ideal to spend a lazy afternoon, lying on a beach framed by swooping dunes and ancient ruins.  Additionally, there is plenty of beach commuter transportation from the nearby town and plenty of resort accommodations in the nearby town.

Another picture perfect beach in Turkey is the Olu Deniz Beach located near Fethiye which lies under the hillside village of Belcekiz.  The beach curves from a blue lagoon to a town promenade with crystal clear blue water making it very enticing.

Within the town and beach area there are dozens of resorts and plenty of bars and restaurants making it a tourist hotspot.  Water sports are also available for hire along the beach with hang-gliding and para-gliding two of the most popular activities of the beach outside of scuba diving.