Tunisia Destination Guide

Tunisia is located in the northern part of Africa, on the Mediterranean, is the approximate size of the United Kingdom and has 800 miles of beaches with many water sports (scuba diving, fishing, sailing, boat trips, and dolphin watching). There are ancient and historical Carthage Roman ruins to explore. On the other hand, there are modern hotels and wonderful shopping areas with carpets, ornaments made of brass, jewellery, pottery, kaftans that are embroidered by locals, leather goods, and much more. A big attraction is the weekly souk (bazaar) with so many unusual items to choose from and the fun of bartering, which is expected from the tourists.

Also featured is camel racing and bartering, camel rides on the beach, and you can take a safari in the Sahara Desert and attend a Bedouin Feast. You can also visit the area where Star Wars was filmed, which is eerily lunar-like.

PORT EL KANTAOUI is the country’s most popular resort and is a reproduction of a medieval village. The beautiful marina is usually filled with more than 300 vessels including millionaire yachts. They boast of their specialty fish restaurants. There is also a busy night life and a nearby Casino Caraibe and two golf courses.

HAMMAMET (meaning “the baths” in Arabic) has famous mineral baths with healing qualities that have been around since Roman times. The thaiassotherapy spas in many hotels offer treatments using hot seawater. Many hotels have a Moorish style and beautiful gardens. There is a fortress dating back to the 15th century, a medieval castle, an ancient walled town, and old mosques to explore. The beaches stretch for six miles. This former fishing village became a tourist playground in the 1920’s. There are gourmet restaurants and cafes for dancing.

MAHDIA has an entrance that goes through a huge 16th century gate that is in a 10 metre thick wall. There is a 10th century Central Mosque and an ancient fortress. The sailors cemetery is a beautiful one. The “Cape Africa” lighthouse is interesting to visit as are the silk weavers producing much of the wedding cloth that is sold in Tunisia. You can also see fishermen mending their nets as in olden days.

Holidays to Tunisia offer great value for money and with fabulous weather you can be guaranteed great holidays.