The Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world and this has long been a popular destination with people who are interested in European culture, architecture and cuisine. Inexpensive travel bargains to Russia are available all year round, making it possible for visitors to jet over to Moscow to spend a weekend city break or take a little time getting to know all that the country has to offer any time they choose. Read on to discover information on some of the best places to visit in Russia.

Red Square

Red Square by Petra Links, on Flickr

Moscow is Russia’s capital city, and this destination is simply bursting with interesting things to see and do. Red Square is the best place to start exploring this vibrant city, as it is surrounded with beautiful buildings such as numerous Russian orthodox churches topped with impressive onion shaped domes. Other attractions that are not to be missed by visitors to Moscow include the Kremlin, Ivan the Terrible’s throne and the underground transportation network with its decadent chandeliers and murals.

The city of St Petersburg is dubbed the ‘Venice of the north’, and this is another great place to spend a little time while exploring Russia. One of the best ways to see all that the city has to offer is by taking a boat trip along its many waterways. No trip to St Petersburg would be complete without taking the time to visit the Winter Palace, while the State Hermitage Museum is a great place to learn about local history and culture.

Novgorod can be found some 200kms to the south of St Petersburg, and this enchanting city is famous for its architecture. Many people travel here to visit buildings such as the Millennium of Russia Monument, the Chamber of Facets and the Cathedral of St. Sophia, which can all be found inside the Kremlin. Facing the Kremlin is Yaroslav’s Court, which features markets and churches that date back to medieval times.

Sun worshippers will want to take a trip to the charming resort town of Sochi, which is nestled on the edge of the Black Sea. The long stretch of sand here is just waiting for visitors to stretch on and unwind for a while, and the waters that lap the sand are ideal for swimming in. People who can bear to tear themselves away from the beach for a while will also discover that Sochi is blessed with other stunning natural features such as mountains, waterfalls, and picturesque gardens.

People who enjoy messing about on the water can take a boat trip along the River Volga to appreciate the surrounding countryside. This impressive river runs for some 3,700m, making it the longest waterway in the whole of Europe. Among the many attractions that can be admired while gently cruising along the river are the town of Kazan, towering mosques and Ulyanovsk, which was the birthplace of Lenin.

Trans Siberian

Trans Siberian by Boccaccio1, on Flickr


Taking a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway is another great way to explore Russia in comfort and style and visitors can often pick up inexpensive travel bargains on train travel. This railway runs for 9,446kms all the way from Moscow to the city of Vladivostok. This epic journey lasts for six days, which means that visitors to Russia will have plenty of time to take in the sights of the country. Much of the train route follows the picturesque Pacific coast, and visitors will be able to admire the enchanting sight of Lake Baikal as the train takes them on an unforgettable journey through Russia.