Thailand Destination Guide

Package holidays to Thailand offer visitors an incredible opportunity to step into several different and highly unusual destinations that make up this both ancient and modern Asian country. Thailand is often referred to as LOS, or Land of Smiles, this is not some advertising executives’ idea, this really is the way that Thai people conduct themselves in their day-to-day lives. A polite smile to anyone they come in contact with is considered perfectly natural and polite in Thai society, and does a huge amount to warm the hearts of visitors.

Thailand does have many different areas offering very different, but still, Thai experiences. The far south of the country is dominated by Muslim Thais who have a strong connection with neighbouring Malaysia, making for a very quiet and subdued region of stunning beauty.

Also in the south are the islands for which Thailand is perhaps most famous, including Phuket first introduced to the world in the Bond movie “ The Man with the Golden gun” and Phi Phi, which also first caught the world’s attention in another movie, Leonardo DiCaprio’s “ The Beach”. These and other stunning white sand, palm tree edged, tropical islands are what so many people think of when they think of tropical beach luxury.

Thailand holidays can also take you to the far north of the country and cities such as Chiang Mai situated in the hilly jungles, which until very recently was only visited by the most intrepid of the young backpacker crowd. But over recent years has become extremely popular with many holidaymakers because of its incredible natural surroundings offering the opportunity to take a ride on an elephant through the jungle, or hop on a bamboo raft and float down a lazy river for an afternoon to truly remember.

The capital city Bangkok is a thriving modern metropolis which offers arguably the best shopping in the whole of south-east Asia, and is home to 4 of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world. There are also several gigantic night markets that require incredible dedication to even attempt to see everything on offer in one evening, there are also thousands of roadside sellers offering a stunning selection of every type of goods imaginable, from intricate Thai woodcarvings and silver crafts, to dubious brand-name T-shirts.

Another incredible Thai destination is the ancient capital Ayutthaya, which was once the world’s largest trading city, and now a monument to a lost civilisation that offers visitors the chance to step back into a stunning world and view its many ancient buildings and temples.

Another major Thai destination with perhaps a darker past is the town of Kanchanaburi, very few will recognise the name of the town, but they will recognise the name of the River in which it is built, the river Kwai. This is the home of the infamous but magnetic Bridge on the River Kwai which draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to experience the museums and exhibits about the Death Railway, and to walk or take a train ride across the bridge itself. Whichever Thailand you choose you are sure to be completely enthralled and anxious to return again to explore more of its many wonders.