Sydney Destination Guide

Sydney is the largest and most populous city in Australia. It lies on the south east coast on the Tasman Sea, and is built on hills that surround the Sydney Harbour which is home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

As a holiday destination there is lots to see in Sydney and the Sydney harbour bridge walk is something that no one holidaying here should miss. The eastern side of the bridge is for pedestrians and the western for cyclists, and the walk will afford you some fantastic panoramic views of the city, harbour and ocean. Another way to view the world from the Sydney harbour bridge is to go on a bridge climb where you scale the top arch of the bridge as part of a climbing group. It’s not as hard as it may at first seem as the gradient isn’t that steep, and the views at the top are very impressive, however it can get a little sweaty in the suit you’ll need to wear.

The Sydney Opera house is a wonder of modern architecture and within its amazing structure there is a wide range of venues and facilities. It’s possible to take a tour of the building and learn about Jorn Utzon who designed the building and how he fought against political and public criticism to build it. You’ll get to see inside the venue and experience some of the magic behind the building.

Being a beach side city, there are plenty of Sydney Beaches to choose from and many have wonderful white sands. Unless you’re staying in the far western suburbs, you’re never more than half an hour from the beach in Sydney. Palm beach is one of the most popular beaches locally, but there are many to choose from where you can relax and sunbathe or enjoy a game of volley ball or another sporting activity.

Bicentennial Park is a great place for a day trip. There are barbecue and picnic areas, playgrounds, wetlands and lots of nature based activities. It’s easy to reach by train or car too.

Sydney has a number of museums such as the Australian National Maritime Museum at the northern end of Harbourside, and contains exhibits that chronicle Australia’s maritime history. The Australian museum on College Street has a variety of exhibitions that tell of the indigenous life in Australia – birds, reptiles, fish, insects and mammals are all on display here. There are three floors of exhibits and plenty to see here. The museum of Sydney is built on the ruins of the first governor-general’s house. It explores colonial and contemporary Sydney and has goods and chattels recovered from more than 25 archaeological digs.

One option for people visiting Sydney is to buy a ‘See Sydney & Beyond Attraction Pass’. This travel pass will give you access to more than 40 attractions in New South Wales as well as travel on buses trains and ferries in the metropolitan area. It is available in a 2, 3 or 7 day format.

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