Rotorua Destination Guide

Rotorua is located on New Zealand’s North Island, situated on Lake Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty.  It is a very pleasant place to visit and it features a variety of different attractions for tourists to check out.  Rotorua is approximately a three hour drive south of Auckland but it can be reached through Air New Zealand flights from both Auckland and Wellington.

Many mud pools and geysers are located in the area including Kuirau Park, which is to the west and features many mud pools that are not only warm but are also distinguishable for the sulphur odours they produce.

The weather in this area is mild but it does tend to rain quite a bit. Temperatures are warmest from December to March when it can be twenty degrees or higher during the daytime. Rain is common around the city in that it can get about a hundred millimeters of precipitation every month.

Water activities are very popular around the city. In addition to Lake Rotorua there are many smaller lakes that can be found around the borders of the city and its suburbs. These include Lake Tikitapu to the southeast and Lake Okataina to the northeast. Tourists to the area can take part in waterskiing, diving and fishing activities around these lakes.

Government Gardens is another site worth visiting. This park, which is to the east, features a large garden with many trees that are native to New Zealand as well a city museum. Golf courses can also be found here.

Rotorua is a great city for tourists to visit with its comfortable climate and its wealth of attractions to see and do.