New Zealand

New Zealand Destination Guide

New Zealand is a wonderful place for a holiday given that it offers a wide and diverse array of natural beauty with numerous fiords, lunging mountain peaks, active volcanoes, rivers, and lakes.  It even has islands that are practically untouched by civilization where wildlife gems such as the elusive kiwi prosper.

Although New Zealand is not heavily populated it is very easy to get to with highly developed transport networks and modern visitor facilities.  Adventure seekers will also love the thrills that the island country offers such as bungee jumping off of anything and everything, and jet-boating via shallow gorges.

The country of New Zealand is made up of two main islands and many small islands spread throughout the South Pacific Ocean, and is located about 1600km to the southeast of Australia.

Although it may seem as if the country is small, travelling throughout New Zealand requires travel over long distances with winding roads and mountain ranges, so to properly tour the islands you will need a few weeks, although if you can only afford less time it is still possible to see many of the main sights and must see tourist stops.

The climate of New Zealand is split by its Northern Island and Southern Island, as the Northern Island has sub-tropical climate, while the southern island has a more temperate climate.  However, the winds produced by the different terrains cause each region to have sharp contrasts in temperatures with some areas reaching up over 30C, while some elevated regions may only reach up to 0C.  For the most part it rains more in the west due to the mountain ranges and winds, so if you plan to tour across the entire country of New Zealand you will want to pack a variety of clothing options.

South Island has a number of tourist sites such as Nelson, which is known for being friendly, sunny, and full of activities and sightseeing opportunities such as the coastal scenery, vineyards, its cuisine, and three national parks that will take your breath away.  Thrill seekers will want to be sure to head to Queenstown, which is sometimes referred to as the adventure and adrenaline capital of the world, since you can skydive, jet-boat, and bungee jump here, making it a great place to record memorable New Zealand Videos.

The most populated metropolitan city on the North Island, and all of the country is Auckland, and is thus the base for many tourists when they arrive in the country.  However, there are many more locations that are spread out across the varied landscape that make for perhaps better tourist stays, such as Tauranga where the weather is generally great and the beach is expansive.  Also found on the North Island is Wellington, which is the capital city and contains both the famous and free Te Papa museum and the Beehive.

Some of the best places in the country are its hidden gems in rural areas such as the Tongariro National Park which has plenty of hiking trails and two ski fields, Abel Tasman National park which offers amazing golden sand beaches and the opportunity to kayak, and the Milford Sound which is one of the most stunning fiords that is found within the Fiordland National Park.