Magaluf Destination Guide

Magaluf on the south west coast of Majorca is a very popular holiday destination. It lies at the western end of Palma bay, and is about 15 kilometres from Palma the island’s capital city. It is one of the largest resort developments on the south west coast meaning that there is plenty there for holiday makers to enjoy.

Magaluf has three main beaches each of which has wonderful white sands, and a variety of small shops and bars lining its edge. In the 1980’s Magaluf became synonymous with 18-30 holidays, dancing, drinking and generally a loud party atmosphere. In the 1990’s the town was made much more family friendly, and today, the area is very suitable for families and couples both young and old. It’s not a place to go for quiet contemplation, but it’s certainly not rowdy.

If you enjoy shopping, Palma is definitely one of the best places on Majorca to go, and if you’re staying here in Magaluf, you’re within easy travelling distance of Palma, making it easy to go there for the day to do some shopping or sight seeing. Busses are fairly frequent and run through out the day and on some days into the evening as well.

Magaluf is an area where there is plenty to do especially if you like your sports. Water sports are very popular such as scuba diving, jet skiing and wind surfing, and if you’re a good swimmer then the 400 metre swim out to Isla de sa Porrassa (Black Lizzard Island) in the middle of Magaluf bay is one which many people like to challenge themselves to. Horse riding and go kart racing are two more sports that are popular locally as well.

When it comes to food a holiday in Magaluf is perfect There are traditional cafes and restaurants selling local food and in particular locally caught fish. Family restaurants selling a wide variety of cuisine from different countries are available too. There are also a number of the more familiar fast food outlets here, selling burgers and other quick and easy food to take away.

There are many other forms of entertainment available in Magaluf, from night clubs and bars that are open well into the night, to hotels which have family friendly dinner shows and cabarets you can enjoy. This is a resort with lots going on, that the whole family can enjoy.