Holiday tour options in America

2America, the land of the free, still regularly tops those lists of countries that people most want to visit in their lifetime. The problem is that with a country of the size of the US, where do you start? For many the choice is easy; Florida, and in particular Orlando, viewed by huge numbers of people as the ultimate holiday destination. Yet for those who want to see past the theme parks and experience the real America as it were, the task can be daunting.

If you are looking to pack in as much as you can on your holiday, and visit as many places as possible then one of the great America tours could be just what you are looking for. These fully inclusive organised tours allow you to experience so much more than if you tried to visit it all yourself, and you will take in all the great sights that the US is famous for, from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon, one of natures most stunning achievements.

Travelling from East to West coast, these tours include accommodation, food and drink and enable you to experience for yourself the best of what America has to offer its visitors. There are tours that cover specific areas too, such as the New England states or the length of the East Coast, and whichever you choose to take you will truly have a holiday of a lifetime, many times over if you go on several tours.

If you have a penchant for luxury holidays in America then a tour offers you all of this, and much more besides. Whilst you visit some of the most exciting and best known cities in the world you will stay in ultra famous hotels such as the Beverly Hilton, renowned for its glamour and the stunning Art Deco Waldorf Astoria. The fully inclusive aspect means exactly that, with all breakfasts, a wide variety of meals and even hotel porterage included in the price, so when you see what you are getting for what you are paying it is little wonder that the popularity of these tours has soared.

The Grand America tour is 22 exhilarating days where you travel from coast to coast taking in everything both on the coasts and in between.  There is also a flexibility with these tours that is hard to find, in that you can fly from 5 regional UK airports; Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Heathrow to America at no extra cost. If there is something you want to specifically spend longer at than the designated slot then that isn’t a problem either, and once again you will be charged no extra.

For those hankering to visit America but still undecided as to where to go, have a look at the many tours available as guaranteed there will be at least one that takes in the sights you want to see the most, and with the luxury factor thrown in for good measure, that dream holiday will quickly become an affordable reality.