Hammamet Destination Guide

Hammamet is a popular destination for holiday makers mostly because of its beautiful beaches with swimming, sun bathing, fishing, and water sports such as water skiing and snorkeling in the safe shallow waters. A Beach Walk goes from the beach to the town.

Hammamet was Tunisia’s first tourist destination and is known as the “Tunisian Saint Tropez”. It brings a lot of money into the country. Hammamet is in the southeast part of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon and has an ancient fort which overlooks the sea.

The closest airport is Monastir, which takes between one hour and an hour and a half by private taxi to reach Hammamet.

The 2005 World Scout Conference was held here, and the Tunisian president spends his vacations in this city.

Town planning states that houses may not be higher than the cypresses.

There are modern hotels, luxurious gardens, parks, discos, restaurants, clubs, cafes, markets, an old city with fortress walls dating back to 1500, exhibitions, festivals, music, and theaters. Nightlife is abundant, and the streets are often filled at night with people out to have a good time.

The 15th century Kasbah citadel has Roman ruins.

In the old city (Medina), the Souks offer handicrafts of unsurpassed distinction and beauty. Their carpets have a stamp of caliber and origin. The Shakespeare Restaurant and Bar offers good English food, two-for-one drinks, friendly staff, and great entertainment. The owner is an English lady, and an unusual feature is a 24-hour-a-day camera system where you can watch the kitchen and bar from anywhere in the world!

Tunisia is also famous for jasmine, which gave the resort of Yasmine Hammamet its name. This is Tunisia’s newest resort and is located just south of Hammamet. You will find mostly four and five star luxury hotels here with fabulous swimming pools. This elegant resort is built around a marina with 740 berths. There is also a spectacular residential complex, apartments that are the epitome of luxury, fashionable boutiques, fine restaurants and cafes, museums, and theaters. Inside the new Medina is an Arabic architecture castle with a traditional bright blue tower containing little shops. Souvenirs made of jasmine can be found everywhere as well as perfumes, embroidery, traditional caftans and tunics, and pottery.

Situated on the central square of this new Medina is an amusement park with its main entrance gate appearing to be from ancient Carthage featuring Hanibal’s soldiers riding on two huge elephants. Carthage Land is a theme park with rides and more. Blue Ice is the country’s only ice rink.

You can take a two-day trip through the Sahara Desert where you can travel by jeep or camel or both. See such sights as the El Jem coliseum, oasis and lake areas, the holy Muslim city of Kenuan, and people who dig holes in the ground and live in them in order to get away from the hot summer sun. A popular destination is the site built for the home planet in the first Star Wars movies.