Greek Islands Hopping

Holidays in Greece can be a joy to plan given that the country features 16,000km of coastline and has over 6,00 islands within both the Ionian and Aegean seas, which is why Greece island hopping is such a popular holiday plan.  Out of all of these islands only 227 are actually inhabited and a smaller amount are hot spots for tourists, which should make planning your island hopping experience a little easier.

There are many different regional routes that you can take while planning out your Greece holidays, depending on what type of sites you are interested in.  Among the choices are the Cyclades, Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese, and Crete.  The most popular island hotspots right now are Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Crete, Los, Rhodes, Paros, Skiathos, Corfu, and of course the historic city of Athens.

Fans of historical sites will favor holidays in Crete, a region famous for its many scenic and architectural marvels.   Crete is known as one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and as such is a popular spot to hop over to during your Greek holidays.  Not only will you find sea, sand, and sun, but also warmth, culture, and local hospitality.

When mapping out your trip, there are a few sites that you will want to make time to see on Crete such as the many monasteries spread out across the island with intriguing histories which a tour guide will share with you during a visit.  The Byzantine churches from the 9th century with their cultural composition influenced by Romans, Arabs, and Phoenicians, are also worth a detour.

For a taste of the true local life while you are planning your Crete holidays make time for a trip to Myrtos, which is virtually untouched by tourists and lies 8km to the west of the city of Ierapetra.  There you will find empty beaches and all of the local amenities and shops from a local baker to a local butcher.  Additionally, you can visit hill villages via donkey tracks for an authentic taste of old Greek life.

It is easy to fit Crete into your plans if you are island hopping around Greece as there are various ferries that run from multitudes of other Grecian islands including but not limited to Ayios Nikolaos, Rhodes, Santorini, Peloponnese, Sougia, Loutro, and the Kythira Island.