Orlando attraction tickets

2If you are looking for a holiday destination that has fun and excitement for both kids and adults in equal measure, then there is nowhere quite like Orlando in Florida for ticking all your boxes, and many more.

Orlando has won numerous tourist awards, and has been named as the ultimate holiday destination on more than one occasion.  The heady combination of glorious weather and numerous attractions draws visitors there in their millions every year, which pays testament to what is on offer here.

There are no two ways about it; you think Orlando you think theme parks, and with little wonder as it has the highest concentration of them in one place anywhere in the world. The fact is that whatever kind of park floats your boat, be it of the mouse, film or wildlife kind, there is a theme park to suit you in Orlando, the only problem is that you probably won’t be here to see everything you want, but you can always come back next year.

Now lets be honest here, Orlando isn’t cheap, and you wouldn’t expect it to be. There is some great budget accommodation on offer which eases the pain in your bank balance somewhat, but it is the flights and the theme park tickets themselves that quickly rack up the cost.  There is little you can do as far as the flights are concerned except book as early as possible to get the best price or set yourself up for email alerts, but when it comes to your attraction tickets Orlando there is a lot you can do to save money.

The first tip should be a no-brainer, to shop around in advance online to get the best deals and offers, yet still many people turn up at the gate on the day hoping they will get a great deal as they have come at a ‘quiet time’. There is no such thing as quiet time in Orlando, so forget this straight away and head online.

One of the best acquisitions you can make as far as your Orlando holiday is concerned are the Orlando Flex tickets. This gives you unlimited access into such theme parks as Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and many others besides, in fact, the only real omission from the list is Disney, which of course have their own tickets as passes. As you can get Flex tickets for just about any amount of days you choose, you can come and go as you please.

Disney tickets are pricy, make no mistake, but once again, by shopping around in advance you can find deals offering the likes of 7 days for the price of 3, or kids go free. This can save you a tidy amount when holidaying in a family group, and by grabbing the deals as early as possible gives you more chance to save up more spending money.