Holidays in Florida, a feast of fun

2The southern state of Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the US, and millions of Brits flock there in their droves every year to experience a quality of fun in the sun that you simply do not get anywhere else. Theme parks, entertainment centres, vibrant resorts, beaches, great food and of course the weather, there is nothing not to like about Florida and there is literally something for everyone.

As far as family holidays to Florida are concerned, you will certainly never hear those dreaded words “I’m bored”, more likely, you will have trouble packing everything into your trip that you want to see and do. The big attraction is, of course, the theme parks and there are more of these in Orlando than you will find anywhere else.

Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and the Kennedy Space centre are just a small selection of the amazing attractions that will create the kind of memories that last a life time. Whether you are belong to the mouse or woodpecker camp, or just want a really great time, these theme parks provide hours of fun in acres of grounds and several trips are needed to appreciate everything on offer.

Another big draw is the fantastic beaches, where you are spoilt for choice as to which glorious stretch of golden sand you should visit each day. Beaches such as Daytona, Bahia and MacArthur are names known the world over, and in between these are numerous smaller bays where you can simply relax, recharge those batteries and simply let the world go by.

If nature is your thing then you will be in your element in Florida. Taking an airboat ride in the Everglades is something not to be missed, and seeing numerous species of wildlife in their natural habitat is something you will never forget. The St Augustine Alligator Farm is another must see, with over 22 species from around the globe as well as many wading birds.

When it comes to shopping opportunities, it is hard to beat Florida for sheer volume of choice. If you have never before visited the malls the US is famed for then you have to go, even just to look around and take in the enormity of it all. From top designer boutiques to small independent outlets, there is nothing you cannot buy here and all at amazing prices.

There is also a cultural side to Florida that many don’t realise exists. With theatres, art galleries, museums etc, there is plenty of choice should you wish to leave the entertainment behind for a while and experience a bit of culture then this is the state to visit.

Florida has been voted the best holiday destination in the world numerous times, and once you have experienced the magic for yourself you will no doubt become one of the many of dedicated holidaymakers who return to Florida time after time after time.