Makadi Bay, Egypt

Makadi Bay Destination Guide

Makadi Bay is a spectacular holiday destination located south of Hurghada in the country of Egypt. It is next to the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. It is the perfect location for families to take a relaxing holiday. There are many things to do in Makadi that are ideal for the whole family:

• Snorkeling: Many tourists come to the area just for the snorkeling. You will love to snorkel in the warm waters of the Red Sea. The coral reefs in the area are gorgeous. The bay is quiet with easy off-shore snorkeling available. The Red Sea has a pretty high salinity in the water, so you can easily float. Makadi Bay is a perfect location for snorkeling.

• Titanic Beach Aquapark: This luxurious hotel on the shores of the Red Sea offers many fun activities for families. Located at the hotel is a remarkable water park consisting of many waterslides, a wave pool and a rafting river. There is also an enormous swimming pool in which people of all ages will love.

Makadi Bay Shopping: The shopping district is in close proximity to the hotels. There are shopping outlets that have something to fit the taste of anyone.

• Glass Bottom Boats: There are many companies that offer exciting glass bottom boat trips in the Red Sea. You can view the stunning marine life from a glass bottom boat. Many of the hotels have piers where the boat will pick you up. Your children will especially love to view the stunning fish.

• Beaches: The beaches in Makadi Bay are incredible. You will be able to relax and bask in the Egyptian sunshine. The white, sandy beaches are lined with palm trees, and the warm, clear waters of the sea are great for playing, swimming or diving.

• Scuba Diving: There are many companies in Makadi Bay that offer scuba diving classes and equipment. The coral reefs in the area are awe-inspiring, making scuba diving an experience that you will never forget.

• Water sports: Makadi Bay is a perfect location for surfing, windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. You can enjoy the cool breeze of the sea blowing in your face as you experience the fun activities of Makadi Bay water sports.

• Sporting activities: Your family can also compete in fun sports, such as tennis, volleyball, minigolf, table tennis and biking. Fitness centers are also available. In addition, the kids will love the horseback riding that is available in Makadi Bay.

• Sightseeing: Egypt is a country that is rich with history. You can tour the area, including the famous Red Sea. Egyptian desert safaris are also available where you can journey to historic ancient attractions.

• Monasteries: In the mountains of the Red Sea stand two unoccupied monasteries which go back to 251 AD. There are tours that leave in close proximity of Makadi Bay.

Millions of people each year travel to Makadi Bay to have a holiday with their family. You will experience paradise when taking a holiday in Makadi Bay. You will leave with memories to last a lifetime.