Egypt Destination Guide

Egypt is known as a land of mixtures and contrasts. It is a unique place where old meets new, where fantastic and thrilling experiences are followed by relaxing time in gorgeous beaches or strolls through the lanes of history and time. Each year, millions take holidays in Egypt to experience the many sights, activities and tourist spots Egypt has to offer. From the fantastic waters of the red sea to the ancient glory of the pyramids, Egypt is sure to peak an interest in any person, regardless of interest, taste or budget.

Egypt offers something for everyone – From archeological ruins dating back to the cradle of civilization to the hustle and bustle of Cairo- one of the biggest and busiest metropolitans in the world. The city bazaars of Cairo are a fantastic place to get lost in, exploring the allies and narrow streets, finding hidden treasures in every corner. On the other end of the land, the Sinai Peninsula offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Egypt’s major metropolitans. Here vacationers can enjoy golf courses, baths and spas, water sports such as snorkeling and water skiing and some of the best diving in the world along the Sinai Peninsula.

The peaceful country regions offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and the world famous wonder of the pyramids is simply not to be missed. The Egyptian Sahara is a wonderland of surprising life and fascination that is often highlighted as an absolute must for Egypt vacationers. Tours of the desert are available on 4X4 cars and are recommended only in organized tours. Getting lost in the Sahara desert can be a truly unpleasant adventure. Organized tours will also often take you to the Bedouin camps, where you can see and learn about the life of these fascinating nomadic tribes of the desert.

Egypt has a plethora of national parks offering history, archeology, wildlife and activity. The most famous attraction in Egypt is the world renowned pyramids complex of Giza. While Giza is rightfully the most known pyramid complex, the truth is that there are other pyramid complexes in other locations across Egypt, including some right in Cairo itself. No matter how you look at it, Egypt is a true glimpse into an amazing world of past empires and civilizations.

Egypt has some fantastic shopping, and offers a wide range of handmade crafts, arts, jewelery, linens, memorabilia and household items. Local restaurants line the streets and range from authentic street food to high end and world class restaurants. Egyptian food is a rich blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, and culinary experiments are recommended wither in local restaurants of staple luxury spots everywhere you go. Cuisine includes seafood, meets, vegetarian and a fantastic selection of fruits and vegetables.

Egypt holidays require a visa document and a valid passport. The Egyptian currency is the Egyptian pound. Currency exchange is available everywhere and all major credit cards are accepted at reputable retailers. Street shopping is more cash based and feel free to haggle for prices. It is almost expected that you do.

Egypt gets very hot in the summer months and temperatures can often soar well into the 40’s. It is recommended that you carry water with you wherever you go and plenty of sunscreen. The country offers a fantastic holiday destination with a plethora of activities, interest points and relaxation. The wide selection of resorts, activities and options will fit into any timeframe, budget and restrictions. Whether for family holidays, a romantic getaway, or just that yearly vacation of rest and relaxation, Egypt is an idea destination to check out and explore.