Bodrum Destination Guide

Bodrum is a port town set in Mugla Province, in the southwest Aegean Region of Turkey and a popular town for tourism. Located on the Bodrum Peninsula nearby to the entry of the Gulf of Gokova, Bodrum faces the Greek Island of Kos. Known for its yachting, Bodrum is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. With a wonderful Mediterranean climate, Bodrum has visitors all year round, but especially during the summer as the winters there are mild and mostly sunny.

Along with the weather and the clear blue waters that surround Bodrum, there are plenty of attractions in Bodrum as well. The Bodrum Peninsula is full over culture and history including the most popular tourist attraction in Bodrum which is the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. As one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World dating back to 353 BC, it is presently an open air museum. The Castle of St. Peter is another prominent landmark in Bodrum. The grounds are some 30,000 square metres in diameter and allow you to visit the castle as well as the Museum of Underwater Archaeology that is also located on the grounds. Here you will find artefacts from sunken ships as far back as 16th century BC.

The Ancient Amphitheatre offers one of the best views of Bodrum located on the main highway. Over 2000 years old, you can see Bodrum Harbour as well the beauty of Bodrum. Within a few hours drive you will also find the Ancient City of Ephesus as well as Cotton Castles of Pammukale which are attractions that are worth the drive.

Since Bodrum is known as a yachting town you also have the Annual Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Regatta held every October. Here you can see some of the best wooden sailing yachts from around the world. There is also the Bodrum Market & Bazaar which is held every Tuesday and Friday located at the Bodrum main bus station.

After enjoying a day of sun and surf, there are also plenty of evening activities to be had in Bodrum. Bodrum is famous for their nightlife which can be quite vibrant at times. A must see night time attraction is the Halikarnas Disco on the edge of the bay as well as Bay Street itself where you will find plenty of souvenirs, places to eat, and more places to dance and drink the night away. The music is loud and the partying is long, giving everyone plenty of things to see and do in Bodrum whether it is day or night.

Considering what a big tourist draw that Bodrum is, there are many people from the UK that buy holiday property in Bodrum, Turkey. Prices of homes in Bodrum are very reasonable and offer you a lot for your money such as beach views, great neighbourhood locations and the fact that many of them are close to the Bodrum attractions. If you visit Bodrum frequently, it might be worth it to look into buying your own holiday property in Bodrum.