Barbados Destination Guide

Barbados is known as the ‘little England’ of the Caribbean. If you are looking for ‘off the beaten track’ hikes and alternative tourism, this is not the place for you. But if you are in for fantastic resorts, sun and beaches, water sport activities, fantastic nightlife, and rest and relaxation, this is the destination for your holiday.

Bridgetown, the island capital, is a busy city that is nestled in the only natural bay of the island- Carlisle Bay. While the tourism attractions in the city are few, it is worth dedicating a whole day to admire the colonial architecture, side streets, some gothic buildings and a surprisingly large Anglican Church. Some other attractions in the city are the Careenage- a pointy bay that cuts through the city, and Queens Park, where beautiful greeneries meet large Baobab trees. Baxter’s Rd. will supply you with all the food and entertainment you need and you will be able to choose one or a few of the many pubs, bars and restaurants in the area.

Holetown is the oldest city in Barbados, established in the early 17th century. Its history can be examined in the St. James Church, a 19th century structure which tells the story of island history. Holetown is also close to the famous Sandy Lane Hotel which has been open since 1961 and was formerly a sugar cane plantation.

St. Lawrence is one of several small peaceful towns on the southwest shores of the island. Only 15km from Bridgetown, these towns offer vibrant local establishments, fantastic beaches and interesting spots. Other small towns include Dover Beach, Worthing and Hastings, where you will be able to find hand crafted art pieces from local artists at fantastic prices.

Sunbury Plantation House is a 17th century estate and is the only one where you can gain full access to in the island. Its thick walls were built of corals and stones from old English ships that docked here during the height of the sugar trades. The house is engulfed with a colonial atmosphere and the exquisite guided tours make it an unforgettable experience.

About 20km north of the capital is a 200 acre Flower Forest, where you can find tropical plants and rare vegetation and flowers gracing windy paths and pleasant walkways. This place will teach you the names of all the flora in Barbados, if you wish, and overlooks the Chalky Mountains and the Atlantic. A few miles from the Flower Forest is the Welshman’s Hall, the only remaining rainforest in the island, and Harrison’s Cave, which is a fascinating maze of stalagmites, stalactites, underwater caves and pools.

Finally, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, which is about 25km north of Bridgetown, is a collection of windy paths among mahogany trees where you will be able to observe some of the wildlife on the island. This includes various types of monkeys, turtles and alligators. There is also a cage with some of the islands many bird and parakeet types. Further north are the St. Nicholas Abbey and the Francia Plantation which have some of the most beautiful and oldest gardens in the Caribbean.

A vacation in Barbados will provide you with endless memories and the rest and relaxation you will be looking for from your holiday.