Antalya Destination Guide

Antalya, formerly known as Adalia, is a Mediterranean coastal city in the southwest of Turkey. As the capital city of Antalya Province, Antalya is known for its beautiful climate, amazing cliffs and mountain views. This international resort is by the Gulf of Antalya and the Taurus Mountain range of Southern Anatolia which runs parallel to the Mediterranean.

The mountains are a main attraction of Antalya as many of them plunge deep into the sea and form natural bays and peninsulas that are great for exploring. The town of Antalya is actually on the first of two rocky plains of the mountains. The Kepezustu Plain is directly behind it. With over 300 days of sun and plenty of hot, dry days, Antalya has been a tourism site for over 30 years not only for the beaches but the wealth of historical attractions.

Antalya attractions include Turkish, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture and cultures to be explored. Kaleici, in the centre of Antalya, is one of the oldest areas with its narrow cobble streets and historic homes. Now, it is considered a tourist destination with plenty of hotels, gift shops and bars. Then you have the Yivli Minare which is the symbol of Antalya as well as ancient monuments which include the City Walls, Hidirlik Tower, the Clock Tower and Hadrian’s Gate. Hadrian’s Gate was constructed in 2nd century in honour of the Emperor Hadrian. Kesik Minare, also known as Broken Minaret was once a Byzantine Panaglia church which was later converted into a mosque. Yivli Minare, also known as Fluted Minaret, was built by the Seljukâ’s with dark blue and turquoise tiles and very prominent within the city. Other important attractions in Antalya include Karaty Medresesi, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, Murat Pasa Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque, and other Islamic mosques located throughout the city.

For other sites of interest in Antalya you have Antalya Museum which is a prize winning archaeology museum, as well as the Kaleici Museum. Karaalioglu Park is nearby as is Tunek Tepe. Within the Antalya Province, within just a short drive, you have Aspendos, a Pamphylian city about 50km from Antalya. Also, you have Termessos situated high on a mountain with remnants of an agora, theatre, and an odion as well as Ariassos which is considered a city of antiquity. Perge, Olympos, Cirali, and Phaselis are even more cities and towns that are considered to be phenomenal in their own right.

In recent years, Antalya has become a prime destination in which to buy holiday homes. Picturesque and with a variety of things to do, Antalya offers a lot in the way of holiday homes for sale. Mostly located in and around the town centre, you can also find many of the beautiful holiday homes dotting the coastline and through various towns around Antalya.