Amsterdam Destination Guide

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and is visited by many due to the array of activities and sights there are to see within the stunning city.  There are several reasons why Amsterdam breaks are so popular for Europeans, but among the top include the great shopping locations, impressive architecture, friendly locals, and the canals that run across the town making it a wonderful place to simply bike around and sightsee within easy walking distance.  Many other people also holiday in Amsterdam, given that it is the cultural epicentre of the area, with plenty of historical sites to visit and a heavy party life after dark.

Due to the fact that the city centre of Amsterdam is small and mostly flat it is easy to get around to most top tourist destinations by bike, which is one of the most popular local ways to travel the city.  In fact, a large percentage of the locals actually choose to use bicycles for transportation.  So Amsterdam is very bicycle friendly, with bike lanes built into almost of all the main streets.

While on holiday in Amsterdam you may also want to consider hiring a bicycle given that it is simply the best way to quickly navigate the mild, temperate, city.  While on the road cyclists always have the right of way so be on the lookout for other cyclists as well who will come racing around corners.  Bike rental shops for those taking Amsterdam breaks are located at most stations with several found within the city centre.  On average, bike rental costs around nine to twenty euro per day.

If you choose to navigate the city by bike, be aware of the fact that Amsterdam has one of the largest bike theft rates globally due to their dependence on bicycles versus other forms of transportation.  Thus, you will need to purchase a secure lock and be sure to use it every time you leave your bicycle behind.  For this reason, if you choose to rent a bike be aware of prices that seem like a steal, because most of the time this is because the bike was actually stolen.

Outside of touring the centre by bicycle, the countryside is also wonderful to visit via bicycle.  It generally takes about half an hour to get out of the main city area of Amsterdam and from there you can choose to go south to tour the giant park Amsterdamse Bos or head to the North to take the ferry over to Waterland.

Other great ways to get out and see more of the surrounding Amsterdam area includes jumping onto the metro which allows you to take your bike along to the end of the line where you can hop off and tour the windmills and rivers to some of the fortified old towns of Naarden, Weesp, and Muiden.