Altinkum Destination Guide

As a resort town on the shore of the Aegean Sea, Altinkum in Turkey is one of the premiere tourism towns of Turkey. With three main beaches, Altinkum is popular with both Turkish and British tourists. Located 90 minutes from Bodrum Airport, Altinkum is easy to get to and around.There are plenty of local attractions in Altinkum, Turkey, many of which centre around the resort centre. For example, the Temple of Apollo is only a short 10 minute drive, as well as many other ancient sites such as Ephesus and the ruins of Miletos. Ephesus is Turkey’s primary tourist attraction and one of the most remarkable showcases of ancient civilisation. Expected to be completed soon, there is also going to be the Didim Marina Project which is an American style shopping centre which offers retail stores, a supermarket, fitness centre, and plenty of restaurants. It will be the largest on the coast of Turkey and will offer many recreational activities as well such as swimming and berths for your yacht. Lastly, there is a large Aqua Park just 10 minutes outside the resort centre, as well as boat and fishing excursions, diving courses, and horseback riding.

The resort of Altinkum is very charming and the people are extremely friendly. The beaches are golden and clean and offer many recreational activities of their own. There is the Main beach, the Second Beach and the Third Beach. The First Beach or the main beach is the most accessible for tourists. It has a long promenade that is situated around the bay. Here you will find many of the bars and restaurants that cater to the locals and tourists alike. Also included is Dolphin Square which houses many of the popular eateries. At night you will find much of the local nightlife here as well. Altinkum comes alive with Turkish and Western music that you can hear from several of the numerous dance clubs and pubs.

The Second Beach is where you will find many of the holiday properties for sale or rent. The beach area is small but perfect for family holidays as well as those looking to buy permanent property in Altinkum. The Third Beach is set a bit away in a small inlet around the bay from the main resort. There is plenty of bus service out here if you are looking for a quieter atmosphere. Also, The Third Beach is where you will find many of the smaller covers and bays that run up and down the coastline.

Nearby you will find other neighbourhoods and towns that have their own resort areas. These include Didim and Yenihisar, as well as Yesilkent, Mavishehir, and Akbuk which is known for their famous seafood restaurants. With a great reputation for food as well, Altinkum offers something for just about anyone from the young people looking to have fun to the romantic couple looking for some peace and quiet. Altinkum offers a great holiday for any type of escape.