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2On an African safari, monetary savings are one of the rarest sightings other than the animals themselves. But the expert budget tips offered here will provide you with some idea on how to be a smart saver throughout your tour.

A popular saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, and this is true for most things, as many people can attest. But when you will bear an average cost of £350 per day for each person excluding transportation costs, you will be wondering whether the trip is worth the money.

Though some places in Africa have a lower cost of living compared to Western countries, this is considered an underdeveloped region and it needs urgent new investments, most of its leading tourist destinations are also some of the expensive in the world. Nevertheless, if you plan your trip beforehand and do your homework properly, you can limit the overwhelming expenses to a reasonable amount while enjoying your Adventure Holidays in Africa.

Firstly, you can go there in off seasons. In these times, transportation and accommodation costs are notably lower and you can manage the whole trip within a tight budget. You may face severe weather and some lodges remain closed in the off seasons, but there is no guarantee that the weather will be excellent in the peak seasons either. You will find plenty of lodges which remain open throughout the year and offer special rates for the off season tourists.

You can reduce your cost by residing in small, personal lodges rather than booking the lavish, corporate ones. The personal lodges offer comfortable services in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Though the personally owned lodges are not well advertised, most of them provide the same facilities and flexibility as the big shots. As they know the ins and outs of the locality, they will also be able to help you in planning your travel in a cost-effective way.

Joining a group is another excellent way of minimizing your travel costs. A well-planned group of 6 or more members can reduce the cost significantly rather than touring on your own. Touring companies also offer packages and concessions for large groups of tourists. Accommodation and transportation costs will be dramatically reduced while you are touring with a group. Some game reserves also offer special promotion for tourist groups.

You can also select the lesser known tourist destinations of African Safari in order to reduce your travel cost. Game reserves like North Luangwa in Zambia, Madikwe or Timbavati in South Africa, Samburu National Reserve or Lake Nukuru in Kenya are some of the excellent but little-known reserves in Africa. As they do not have frequent international visitors, they offer reasonable pricing for their services.

Staying on the newly developed lodges in renowned reserves could be an excellent idea for minimizing your travel costs. As they need to build up their reputation and attract new tourists, these lodges tend to be cheaper and reasonably priced than the old, established ones. For example, Tanzania’s newly unveiled 7-roomed Impala Camp in vast Selous Reserve charges only £220 per night, that being more than £150 cheaper than the well-known 8 roomed Sand Rivers.


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